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    A dramedy TV pilot by Andrew Harrison
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    After fame has come and gone, there is the long road back to the middle. Ten years ago, Gloria Gorgodian was Queen Gorya, a late night horror hostess on basic cable. Now she works in a dive bar and makes convention appearances with her former co-star Terry, an effete and erudite wannabe werewolf. She must also deal with threats from her ex-boyfriend Tony, demands from her elderly Armenian father Dajad, and a cult of nerds who believe she is the fabled Moonchild, a messiah foretold by famed occultist Aleister Crowley.

    A graphic novel by Andrew Harrison and Karl Slominski


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    When the skull of horror icon H.P. Lovecraft is stolen from his grave, a group of junkie misfits set out on a quest to retrieve it. Standing in their way are their enormous drug habits, belligerent punk rockers, Brazilian vampires, and the unspeakable horrors of Lovecraft's fiction seeping into reality... Available now in print on Amazon and digitally on iBooks and the Kindle app.

    A graphic novel by Andrew Harrison and Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk


    A group of addicts at a downtown methadone clinic survive a mysterious flash of light that causes everyone in New York City to vanish. Their immediate concern? Looting as much as they possibly can. But they are not the only survivors: subterranean homeless communities begin to emerge from deep below the city; dogs and cats can now talk and walk upright as they quickly consolidate their power. Now the failures of society find themselves preserving what's left of it in this strange new world.

    A graphic novel by Andrew Harrison and Guy LeMay


    Raw Power is a post-modern superhero story overlapping the early 70s counter-cultural scene of New York.

    Captain Ultima, a 1950s goldenboy superhero, is sent into a black hole by his greatest enemies. He spends almost twenty years floating helplessly through space and going insane. He finally crashes back to Earth as a pill-popping hobo with no powers and no memory. After living with a down-and-out Iggy Pop and becoming an artist sponsored by Andy Warhol, he plays a pivotal role in the early 70s collaborations between Iggy, David Bowie and Lou Reed. When Captain Ultima's powers return, his old enemies and allies come back, all looking to turn his new world upside down.

    Requiem for a Juggalo

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    Gangs decked out in clown make-up and wolf tails face off for supremacy. But this isn't a comic book... it's high school.

    Jake Roth is a panic attack prone chess master with a chip on his shoulder the size of Rhode Island. When he agrees to help out his former best friend, Shizzle Dickpunch, he finds himself in the middle of a beef between the Juggalos and the Wolfpack. This after-school armageddon of wannabe werewolves and hip hop clowns ends in a very suspicious suicide. Armed with only his deductive skills and daily regimen of psych meds, Jake takes it upon himself to navigate the social anarchy of his high school and figure out the truth.

    Polyester Dreams was a DIY webisode series featuring the adventures of Warren Orlando, a manic-depressive prog rock radio DJ. The show interweaves the events of Warren's downward spiraling life with homemade music videos for forgotten 70s music.

    1st Place, Best Web Streaming, Skyfest Film Festival 2009
    “Humorous and all-out ridiculously entertaining” -SPIN
    "Pretty damn good... bizarre” -Tubefilter


    A horror screenplay by Andrew Harrison and Jarett Kobek

    It's Reality Bites meets The Shining as group of artists move to an isolated farmhouse where they are attacked by the vengeful spirit of a Native American shaman who forces his victims to reenact past traumas.

    The Vultures

    A supernatural drama screenplay by Dallas Coyle and Andrew Harrison


    A self-destructive, bi-racial teenage writer hexed with a voodoo curse is switched into her self centered mothers body. The voodoo spirit of the dead, Baron Samedi, plays with their fates as one descends to madness and the other finds redemption.

    The Zach Fisher Conspiracy

    An offbeat comedy screenplay by Andrew Harrison and Dallas Coyle

    A disgraced Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist becomes ensnared in a paranormal murder mystery when he takes a job at a tabloid.

    Suicide Notes

    A video rock opera by Dallas Coyle and Andrew Harrison

    Welcome to The Town, a Bohemian metropolis run by rock stars where everyone is an artist. Hera Tremble, the most popular singer in the world, has just blown her brains out with a shotgun. Her boyfriend Jacob Day is all but a shoe-in to take over with his indie rock band Cyclops Birthday. Who stands in his way? Certainly not Black One, a former 90s superstar whose fall from grace left him washed up and strung out. Enter Sandy Sincinnati, a mysterious jazz singer with a plan for Black One to reclaim his former glory. But as The Town's very foundations are shook by this battle for supremacy, it becomes clear that Sandy Sincinnati's plan may run deeper than anyone expected...

    The Low Place

    A screenplay by Dallas Coyle

    An imprisoned CIA Black Ops mercenary is sent to the Amazon jungle to capture a priest who has kidnapped nine children. As the soldiers delve deeper into the jungle, they realize the jungle is haunted and alive. The soldiers are soon separated and hunted by Kasporda, a horrific creature that stalks the jungle killing anything that threatens the unspeakable rituals taking place. The lost soldiers begin to lose their minds as they are picked off one by one.

    The Wandering Jew

    A graphic novel script by Andrew Harrison


    Almost 2000 years ago, a dyer named Yishai was mistakenly cursed by a powerful magician named Jesus. Condemned to live forever, he pledged to fight against earthly magical beings and mystical forces so that no one else would suffer his own fate. In medieval times, he was known in legends as the Wandering Jew. Now, calling himself Jesse, he has decided to reclaim his once mundane life. He works as a temp in an office to avoid his extraordinary destiny. But the powers that be aren't having it. Jesse's old nemesis Merlin has returned and is running an electronics store. The Archangel Michael still wants to use Jesse for his own purposes. On top of all that, Jesse's unnaturally old brain inundates him with quixotic hallucinations. Somewhere in between past and present, magic and banality, tradition and assimilation... is the Wandering Jew. Art by Norman Finkelshteyn.

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