• I Am Genetic by Genetic

    Awaken your senses to a profound audio experience. Genetic deconstructs life's crossroads in which we all hover between enlightenment and destruction. Dallas Coyle (formerly of God Forbid) journeys within himself on a heretical quest for wisdom that explores both the celestial and barbaric elements of mankind. Genetic speaks the naked truth of love, hate, insanity, fragility, frustration, fear, and the darker elements people shun within themselves.

    Eerie tones, deep bass, powerful vocal arrangements and unique time changes investigate a language between music and spirit. Integrating seamlessly heavy guitars and industrial experimentation, Genetic defies genre conventions and pushes the limits of rock music as we know it.

    Digital Download

    Buy the album for $5.99, buy individual tracks for 60 cents each, or preview the entire album for free. Profits go towards Metal Against Melanoma.

    Please contact info@madcarousel.com with any questions.